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Information for Law Enforcement

Last Updated: April 24, 2023

The information on this page is intended for law enforcement authorities working with BeReal. More general information is available in our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Community Standards (together the “User Agreement”).   

What information does BeReal have?

The information BeReal may have for an account will vary based on the account holder’s settings and their usage of our services. The information may include phone number, first and/or last name, date of birth, username, a short biography, email address, profile picture, photos, RealMojis, captions, comments, messages, geolocation, IP address, device type and operating system, device, and equipment data.  

Our data retention practices are outlined in our Privacy Policy

How to make legal requests to BeReal?

The data controller for all user data is BeReal SAS, with a registered office located at 30/32 Boulevard Sébastopol 75004 Paris, FRANCE, and which is registered under number 881 079 685 with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry. All requests should be directed to BeReal SAS.

All legal requests should be made through this form.  

Mutual legal assistance treaties

BeReal’s policy is to promptly respond to requests that are properly issued via mutual legal assistance treaty (“MLAT”) or letters rogatory, upon proper service of process. When submitting requests through an MLAT procedure, please make clear that the request is coming by way of MLAT and include the name of the originating country.

What types of requests does BeReal accept?

Preservation Requests

Where legally appropriate, we accept requests from law enforcement to preserve records that constitute potentially relevant evidence in legal proceedings. We will preserve, but not disclose, information for 90 days pending service of valid legal process. Preservation requests, in accordance with applicable law, should:

  • Be signed by the requesting official;
  • Have a valid return official email address;
  • Be sent on law enforcement letterhead in a non-editable format;
  • Include the BeReal username, and as much information about the information requested (e.g., date and time of photos or messages requested) to enable BeReal to identify and preserve the relevant information.  

User information Requests

Non-public user information will not be released except in response to appropriate legal process such as a subpoena, court order, other valid legal process, or in response to a valid emergency request, as described below.

Requests for user account information in accordance with applicable law, are required to include:

  • The BeReal username, and as much information about the information requested (e.g., date and time of photos or messages requested) to enable BeReal to identify and preserve the relevant information;
  • Provide details about what specific information is requested (e.g., basic subscriber information) and its relationship to your investigation;
  • NOTE: Please ensure that the information you seek is not publicly available. We are unable to process overly broad or vague requests.
  • Include a valid official email address (e.g., so we may get back in touch with you upon receipt of your legal process;
  • Be issued on law enforcement letterhead.

Emergency disclosure requests

We may disclose account information to law enforcement in response to a valid emergency disclosure request. If we receive information that gives us a good faith belief that there is an exigent emergency involving a danger of death or serious physical injury to a person, we may provide information necessary to prevent that harm. We evaluate emergency disclosure requests on a case-by-case basis in compliance with relevant law.

  • Clearly explain this is an Emergency Disclosure Request;
  • Identity of the person who is in danger of death or serious physical injury;
  • The nature of the emergency (e.g., report of suicide, terrorist attack, bomb threat);
  • BeReal account name and as much information about the information requested (e.g., date and time of photos or messages requested) to enable BeReal to identify and preserve the relevant information;  
  • The specific information requested and why that information is necessary to prevent the emergency;
  • The signature of the submitting law enforcement officer; and
  • All other available details or context regarding the particular circumstances.

BeReal user notification of legal request

BeReal will notify a user when it receives a legal request related to their account unless BeReal is prohibited from doing so by law. To the extent non-disclosure provisions apply to your request, they should be made clear in the request. Exceptions to our user notice policy may include exigent or counterproductive circumstances, such as emergencies regarding imminent threat to life, child sexual exploitation, or terrorism.

Cost reimbursement

BeReal may seek reimbursement for costs associated with information produced pursuant to legal process where permitted by applicable law.

General inquiries

General inquiries from law enforcement or government officials should be submitted through our web form.