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Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Non-consensual nudity is strictly forbidden and BeReal has zero tolerance toward any content that contains or promotes non-consensual nudity. 

What is a violation of this policy?

Content that contains nudity, sexually explicit conduct, or porn that features individuals who did not know or consent to their inclusion in the content or its distribution. This includes but is not limited to hidden camera content featuring nudity, sexual acts, or upskirts; content that manipulates another person’s face to be on the body of a nude person without their consent; or content taken in an intimate setting not intended for distribution.

Our policy also prohibits sending sexually explicit content to individuals who have not provided their consent to receive such material. Additionally, this extends to underage individuals, irrespective of whether they have provided their consent, as a measure to protect their well-being.

How can I report a violation of this policy?

If you see content or an account that you believe violates this policy, you can report it directly through the reporting tools in the BeReal application or through our webform here


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