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Start and grow your Streak by posting a BeReal every time you receive the ⚠️Time to BeReal ⚠️ notification. You must post a BeReal during every notification for your streak to grow. Bonus BeReal and RealGroups BeReal do not count towards streaks.  

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You need to post five consecutive BeReal to start your streak. You won’t notice anything in the application until you post a BeReal for the fifth consecutive time. 

Active and past Streaks are displayed in your Memories

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Active Streaks

Once you reach post five, your streak will start. A flame icon 🔥 will appear next to your profile photo on the timeline and under your profile photo on your profile along with your streak score. 

Your streak score increases every time you post a BeReal. Remember, Bonus BeReal and RealGroups BeReal do not count towards streaks. 

Active streaks are visible to your BeReal friends on your profile. 

Ended Streaks 😢

Your streak ends when you receive a ⚠️Time to BeReal ⚠️ notification, and you didn’t post during the previous notification period. 

There is no way to get back a streak once it’s ended. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 


Streaks are retroactive, so if you have a great streak going, we are counting it already. You’ll even be able to see your past streaks!  

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