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RealFans is as close as you can get to your favorite RealPeople & RealBrands, providing access to exclusive content. 

RealFan Lowdown

  • Leave comments on RealPeople & RealBrands’ BeReal.
  • View comments left by other RealFans and RealPeople & RealBrands.

  • View comments and Realmojis left by RealPeople & RealBrands on other users' BeReal.
  • Unlock content that RealPeople & RealBrands have only shared with their RealFans.

  • Increase the chance that your BeReal is reshared by RealPeople & RealBrands.

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Become a RealFan

First things first, ensure you've added the RealPeople or RealBrand account. Find out how here. Once added, becoming a RealFan is a natural process. You become a RealFan after engaging with RealPeople & RealBrands through tagging, reacting, sharing, etc. Becoming a RealFan takes a little time, so stay committed and enjoy the content. We'll let you know once it happens 🎉. 

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