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RealPeople & RealBrands Intro

RealPeople & RealBrands is a feature that lets you add some of your favorite celebrities and brands to your BeReal experience. You'll be able to see who they are outside of the spotlight and engage in unique ways by becoming a RealFan. You can even tag them in your BeReal so they can see and even reshare your BeReal!


Timeline - Recommendations.png


We know what you’re thinking… “how does something like this fit in with BeReal’s mission?” 🤔 

Our mission is to create a more authentic world and keep you connected with the people you really care about. People want to see more of the faces behind the filters, the people behind the brands, and the chaotic moments that make life so human. RealPeople & RealBrands have to post on time, just like everyone else…no filters…just spur of the moment authentic BeReal.


P.S. Your friends will always be our number one priority on BeReal. If you don’t want to add any RealPeople and RealBrands, then your experience on BeReal will stay exactly the same as it is today. Your friends are what we are built for so don’t ever stop sharing your realest moments with them. 

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