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⚠️Time to BeReal.⚠️ Notification


ONE Notification. TWO Minutes to Post. 

Every day, expect the unexpected: the ⚠️Time to BeReal⚠️ notification. This notification isn’t like the others. It’s your cue to be real, unfiltered, and authentic.

Everyone in your time zone (don’t worry, we won’t crash your beauty sleep in the middle of the night) receives the notification at the same time. We're clueless about the timing, so don't even bother asking.

Why the name?

Forget planning your day around the notification. And don’t even think about staging that perfect moment. This is about you being you. 

In just two minutes, the notification empowers you and your friends to share authentic moments of your everyday lives. No scripts, no filters.

There’s Only One ⚠️Time To BeReal⚠️ Notification

There will ever only be one ⚠️Time To BeReal⚠️ notification. Don't confuse it with Group BeReal notifications (although those are pretty cool too). 

Be Authentic. Be You. Be Real.

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