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⚠️Time to BeReal.⚠️

Go, go, go! It’s time to BeReal.

Every day, everyone in your time zone receives a notification at the same time (before you ask, we truly do not know when it’s sent). You have 2 minutes to open the app and take your BeReal. A BeReal isn’t just a photo. It uses front and back cameras to capture your surroundings. 

You can retake your BeReal as many times as you want before posting. Just keep an eye on the timer. Missed the two-minute window? It happens! After receiving the notification, you can post a BeReal anytime, but your friends will know you posted late.

You can’t view your friends’ BeReal or the Friends of Friends feed until you’ve posted yours. Fair’s fair! 

Before posting, you can display your location or share your BeReal to the Friends of Friends feed. Once you’ve shared your BeReal, why not add a caption?

It’s good to be real, but we don’t want you taking any risks. Be careful when taking your BeReal.

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